About this project!

My Orthodox Family is a gallery of words and images contributed by ordinary human beings, documenting their journey along the path toward God. Orthodox Christianity is often described as a way of life, more than a religion, and it exists within us in the moments, small and great, through which we pass. This project invites you to know and share that way of life, in the company of the families who allow you here a glimpse into their world.


If you are asking yourself whether you belong in this project, whether your stories and photographs are welcome here, the answer is YES. Every Sunday in the Divine Liturgy, we say, “There is no one who lives who is without sin.” Some might see that as a negative statement, but it is not. It is a statement that everyone makes mistakes. Everyone. Perfection is what we are journeying toward, not what we have already achieved. Humility makes us free. We don’t have to win the “holy and pretty contest.” We don’t even have to enter it.

God made you, and He loves you, and He understands the intricacies of your path. This project is simply an attempt to reflect our communal life as it is, here in the fallen world, lit by glimpses of the Light toward which we travel.

Some have asked whether you must be married with children to participate, if that’s what the “Orthodox Family” in the site name refers to. The answer is NO, you do not have to be married with children. The Orthodox Family mentioned refers to the family of believers, all of us, young, old, single, married, widowed, monastic, struggling, or at peace. If you are an Orthodox Christian from any walk of life anywhere in the world, you are welcome here.

All text and photographs are shared with the express consent of their owners.