An Invitation: Five Questions is an experimental project, part storytelling, part evangelizing, part my constant fascination with content and content creators. I’m exploring the ways this website could function as an aggregator and multiplier of the good stories being told by so many Orthodox families individually, incrementally. What, I’m asking myself, would happen if there were a central location, a place to systematically, intentionally document their presence and offer another opportunity to share it?

Are you Orthodox? Are you telling the story of your striving toward faithful life, one photo at a time? Would you be willing to contribute to my project? I’m currently interested in two kinds of content – photo posts that document some aspect of our way of life, and I’m now looking for people willing to participate in a Five Questions e-interview series. I’ll send you the five questions, the same 5 questions for everyone, and together with your answers, they’ll provide a series of e-interviews for

Comment or use the Contact page if you’d like to try it!


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