Five Questions: Nitsa

Welcome to! Tell us who you are. 

I am a cradle Orthodox of Greek descent. My parents were both born and raised in Greece, and I am first-generation American. I am a daughter, a wife, a sister, and the mother of an adult child. As a full-time human resources manager and independent consultant, as well as a member of the sandwich generation, I cherish time in quiet prayer. My favorite past times are water skiing and reading!

What do you most enjoy sharing? What do you feel most called to share?

I enjoy sharing special moments that show the simplicity and magnitude of God’s love. Simple moments such as an infant’s smile, the deer grazing outside my window, the still lake water on a summer morning, or the kindness of a stranger remind me of how blessed I am.

The world of social media is complex. What do you see as difficult and as redemptive about sharing your journey in this way? 

Social media is not something that I am comfortable with overall. I am not comfortable with displays of a personal nature on social media. Honestly, I’m doing this because Melinda’s projects are often fascinating and I enjoy her energy!

What is your earliest, distinctly Orthodox memory? 

Pascha with my family. I remember being a very young child helping to pass out the red Easter eggs so that we could all play the game of cracking our eggs and declaring, “Christ is Risen!”

What do you hope will be the mark you leave on the world as you pass through it? 

I pray that I can be an example of love and hospitality.

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