Five Questions: Pres. Mallory

Welcome to! Tell us who you are. 

Hi! My name is Presvytera Mallory Kasapakis. My husband is the Proistomenos of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Pensacola. We have two young children, Sophia and Christos. I am humbled that Melinda Johnson has asked me to assist her in this special project with social media. I am a very social person and enjoy being involved in our church and local community. I enjoy hosting events, a great book, a competitive football game, a big glass of red wine and the beautiful Florida beaches!

What do you most enjoy sharing? What do you feel most called to share? 

As a convert to the faith I cherish the culture of Orthodoxy. There is a beauty of the feast day traditions, fasting calendars, prayer life, liturgical recipes, dancing and music that all relates back to our Church and engages our Faith into our daily lives. I enjoy sharing ways that our family participates in these traditions in our everyday life. I am a mom of two young children, and I know how hard it is to have it all together, but I know how important it is to teach them these traditions, so I try my best to share simple ways to encourage others to incorporate them in their homes. My social media feed is not just church life; it is also full of fun pictures of trips to Disney and the beach, my friends and family. Lots of smiles, sunshine, purpose & grace!

The world of social media is complex. What do you see as difficult and as redemptive about sharing your journey in this way? 

To say social media is “complex” is an understatement. People get to choose what they want to say and how they want to look, it can sometimes be too much. It is easy to get caught up in it all. But you also get to choose who you follow and how you let the information you’re receiving affect you. I think social media is a great way to find support, build a sense of community no matter where you are, share ideas, and stay connected to family and friends. But like everything in life, you need to take it with a little bit (maybe a whole lot) of grace.

What is your earliest, distinctly Orthodox memory? 

My husband and I took a day trip to Tarpon Springs when we were in college before we were married or I had converted to Orthodoxy. When we got into town, the first place we went was the St. Michaels Shrine. He was so excited to show me this special place that meant so much to him. I remember walking up to the little white chapel and feeling so at peace. We lit candles, sat inside, and spent an hour there just sitting in prayer. Fast forward two years later, and he would be ordained to the priesthood at St. Nicholas in Tarpon Springs, where we served our first assignment for 4 years. It is funny and comforting how God shows you His future plans without you even knowing it.

What do you hope will be the mark you leave on the world as you pass through it? 

I pray that my mark on this world is one of love. I hope that the lives I touch – my children, the communities we serve, our godchildren and friends – feel the love of God through my words and actions and are encouraged to stay on course towards salvation. I live by the words “grace and purpose” and I hope that will be my mark.


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