Five Questions: Elizabeth

Welcome to! Tell us who you are. 

I’m Elizabeth, mother to 3 Earthly children and babies that rest with the Lord.

What do you most enjoy sharing? What do you feel most called to share? 

I feel called to share the reality of life, not the pretty curated Instagrams you see. Because life isn’t always pretty, it is messy. I share the journey of my children’s education through homeschooling, my son’s journey with multiple chronic illnesses, and our life.

The world of social media is complex. What do you see as difficult and as redemptive about sharing your journey in this way? 

Letting people in is difficult, being introverted makes that a challenge for me. But I see it as a way of God working through me. With me. That maybe someone seeing our journey, it will be an encouragement for them. Or maybe they see some symptoms that match our son’s diagnosis and it pushes them into seeking a doctor.

What is your earliest, distinctly Orthodox memory? 

My earliest memory of Orthodoxy is when I was 3 years old. I remember attending Holy Virgin Cathedral with my Grandmother. Hearing a language that only my grandmother and father spoke, the smell that I only ever smelled when I was with her. To this day, even though she has long since passed into the Kingdom, Liturgy reminds me of her and my childhood.

What do you hope will be the mark you leave on the world as you pass through it? 

That is a hard question, but I guess I would have to say that God is with you in the most difficult times of your life, and I hope that when looking at my life, through my son’s near death (twice), all of my losses of pregnancy and trials of my life… that people could still see the faith alive in me. That I didn’t let my faith wither away, for I knew God didn’t not abandon me.


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